Monday, November 7, 2011

Vintage Audio Cabinet - Before & After!

The very first day we owned the Mazda Michel gave me the green light to hit up craigslist for something fun that would fit in the back. I found this cute little guy for $10 and the maiden voyage was on!

The goal for this audio stand was to stain it to match the Brasilia dresser and then bring it up to Delaware with me to serve as a TV stand. We looked up a few sources for recreating the "Brasilia" coloring which required a 2-stain process. This first effort turned out to be too dark so I won't share the blend quite yet - I think we've got it down though with the Brasilia Dresser.

We also replaced the original legs with the hairpins from this guy we picked up at an estate sale.

The final result!

A nice little comparison collage - notice all the stains, including the nice star/candle stain, are gone!

I love it!! :)


grandmagreatstreasures said...

It's like Dr. Frankenstein's monster in so many good ways. How creative and clever! I saw a piece like this recently with the dividers inside and I wondered what they were for. Do you think records would fit in there? And I love your Craigslist justification in conjunction with a new car. I mean what else is it for? I love our Rogue for that reason. :)

Kari said...

Yep!! It's definitely an old record cabinet!

And the hatchback was totally for CL shopping. :D

Anonymous said...

Did this piece have a veneer or was it solid wood? We're trying to do a similar project, by turning a buffet into our bathroom vanity, but we're running into problems since all the mid-century furniture we find has a veneer on it. Would love to know how you achieved such a beautiful update!

Kari said...

Hi Anonymous - sorry I didn't respond to this comment sooner. Since I've been away on internship I forgot to check comments!

Yes it was a wood veneer, pretty much everything we've done has had a veneer. We generally use medium to fine grit sandpaper and make sure to sand by hand if possible. You can sand the veneer, it's just important to be careful not to sand too much. Be especially careful on the edges because that is were it will go through the fastest. This is a great idea for a blog post!

Thanks for commenting and good luck!