Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Craigslist Queen Strikes Again!

Hello my dears!! I was working on the weekend update post tonight and doing my normal perusing of craigslist and was stopped in my tracks when I saw a listing that said "Broyhill Brasilia Dresser -$65"

WHAT?!?! Pulled it up and started dialing as I called Micheal over to get his approval. The listing had been up for an hour so at that point it could already be gone. Micheal saw it and said "CALL - we can go get it right now!" Mind you, it's 9pm. They'd already had some interest but because we were willing to get off our butts and go get it tonight, it was OURS!

So a 9pm CL trip and this beauty is now part of our family!

Swoon - If you're not a midmod nut like me, Broyhill's "Brasilia" line is kinda like end-all be-all of super cool brand name 60's furniture. Similar dressers sell from anywhere between $500 and $1000 and are very hard to come by so we're crazy excited!

Weekend update to be finished tomorrow. Night!


Nicole said...

Great find!

Kari said...

Thanks Nicole! We're definitely tired this morning but it was soooo worth it. :)