Monday, July 18, 2011

Thrift and CL Finds

We had some good luck this weekend with our local thrift store and "christened" the Mazda on her first day with a craigslist run after we got home on Saturday.

Hammered Copper Pot from Unique Thrift

I'm going to clean this up and transplant my tomato into it! Only $15 which is a great deal for real copper. The interwebs suggests using a salt covered lemon to clean off the oxidization. I'll let you know how that goes.

Atomic Coffee/Tea Pot?

I zeroed in on this beauty from like two aisles away! Also at Unique Thrift this new addition to my china cabinet was only $3.93! Cleaned up beautifully with my BFF Bar Keeper's Friend.

MidMod Record Cabinet
Scored this little guy on CL for $10. It needs to be sanded and restained and will likely be my TV stand for the new apartment!

It benefits me that Micheal is loving driving the new Mazda3 (with a hatchback, woot!) so now when I say "look what I found on CL" he's all "let's go!!"


Nutbird said...

Just use Twinkle copper cleaner. It will work in a minute. I used to try to use cabbage leaves or something to clean pewter. The creams from the store work much better. Ann

Kari said...

Hey Ann, thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely have to check that out!