Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Update & WWL 7/17/11

Hey all! Some fun stuff to share with you this week!


  1. Purchased me a new fancy laptop

  2. Got approval for my apartment in Wilmington

  3. Purchased a new car

  4. Got locked out of our house

  5. Opened new doors

  6. Went to the Second DC Truckeroo with our friends Mike & Sam

  7. Scored some great thrift/CL finds
What we learned...
  • Our house is not easy to break in to!
  • Half of the green "leaves" on our tree in the back yard were actually poison ivy vines, ick!

  • Buying a car will always suck and even when the negotiations are technially over they're really not.
  • Car salesmen are shocked when you decide to leave mid negotiations to get lunch.
  • Our deer friends had twins!


Nutbird said...

Whatever happened to a key under a rock? I do this about once every two years, but we have a key hidden down the hill. Glad you got an apartment, and aren't lobster rolls the Best! That is my last meal. Ann

Kari said...

Hey Ann! After this weekend's fiasco a hidden key and key exchange with the neighbors are totally on our to-do list! Micheal said that the lobster rolls are usually even BETTER and have a ton more lobster so we're gonna hit up the truck on a non-truckeroo day soon!