Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekend Update 7/27/11, WWL style

  1. I really need to stop buying things in the "green apple" color...

    I picked up this little green guy at C&B outlet for my new place for $5.95! I laughed at myself when I moved it over to the side table to get a better picture and realized I might have a bit of a green obsession. :)

  2. C&B is discontinuing my line of dinnerware (insert super sad face.) So we went on a scavenger hunt to finish out the set with four place settings of each color I want, green (ha!), teal, and purple.

    After three stores I only need two more Max Green Dinner plates and two more Max Green Salad plates, so if you see some shoot me a message!

  3. The cushions from this chair fit almost perfectly in this chair so when I recovered them they were temporarily snagged for this chair in the living room while the other one waits to be painted!

  4. No matter how long or bad your day was, coming home to a kitty perched on your reupholstery project with her tongue sticking out will make you smile.

  5. Moshe doesn't like the new pantry door...he likes full access to all areas of the new house!

    GASP!! New pantry door?!?! Yes folks, it's done. More pics to come! Woot woot!

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