Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Update 7/31/11 & WWL

Team S was totally ready to hit the reno hard this weekend, so Saturday rolled around and everyone took their places.

I started the weekend making ONE cushion out of the SIX that are needed for the outside furniture.

Yes, I'm blogging about finishing the one. It was an accomplishment, trust me. :)

We also did some painting...

...and I worked hard to keep my tomatoes alive in the 100+ degree weather.

It's been no easy trick!

After I typed that all out it doesn't seem like a ton but we were very busy this weekend and I have lots of fun projects to share this week!

What we learned...

  • The 60 year old sewing machine in my cabinet works better than the 5 year old one I had on top of it!

  • Always be nice to your pharmacist. There may be a day when you're going to be without insurance the next day, it's five minutes before they close on a Sunday and you need to beg them to fill a new prescription. Fortunately, I am their favorite customer (no joke) so it was nooooo problem.

  • Champagne + Sparking Cranberry Juice is deeeeeeeelicious!

  • Micheal and I both look good in turquoise (and Micheal needs to work on his toe painting skillz).

  • Our neighbor is also not mowing his lawn because it's too damn hot, so we're off the hook for having a jungle lawn!

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