Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekly Update 3/10/11 and WWL

We had a great weekend because my friend Kathleen was in town to visit! We spruced up the guest bedroom and bath made the guest bedroom and bath habitable and semi-functioning so she wouldn't have to brave the fully pink monstrosity that is our master closet bathroom.

We hit up Lauriol Plaza, known to many an urban socialite as the home of the wonderous swirl margarita. They do not take reservations so we showed up at 8pm on a Friday night to a packed lobby and people hanging out drinking the swirls straight out of the pitcher - glasses are for sissies!!

Photo from 'Till It's Done

On Sat we got the majority of our old neuropsych/concussion team back together for reminiscing and baby time. Clara and I are totally BFFs. :)

Sunday we took Kathleen back to the airport and hit up the Home Depot on the way home to get a plan for finishing the remainder of the kitchen. We have decided to replace the tile on the kitchen floor with some really fabulous 12x24 porcelain tile. It will be an amazing change and really step up the "wow factor" of our kitchen if the orange didn't already do that. :)

Then Sunday night I got an email saying a chair I had wanted on CL Free was mine if I wanted it so we trudged out in the cold and rain to procure me said chair:

Isn't she cool? Poor Micheal had to stand in the cold rain trying to figure out a way to get her in the car, which ultimately led to a haphazard disassembly job because she was just too big.

It's likely that she's from the 70's/80's rather than the 50's/60's because of her specific design/lines. So I'm actually considering (gasp) painting her white (!!) to modernize the look a bit. She'll be coming up to Delaware with me in August so I plan to have her all beautified by then!

However, friends visiting = minimal work. Micheal hung another cabinet door (I know this doesn't sound like a major accomplishment but when I hash out what it has taken to get these doors up you'll understand why it has been one at a time) and another drawer installed.

What we learned:

  1. Never take a woman's margarita while she's in the bathroom, no matter how loud you think she's getting...
  2. Kathleen needs some practice at MarioKart
  3. I LOVE wedding planning
  4. You are NOT allowed to go through the dresses at Davids Bridal by yourself
  5. My willingness to embarrass myself by making silly faces and sounds to small children has not waned with age
  6. We're pretty sure the layers of kitchen floor go: tile, cement board, linoleum, particle board, linoleum, subfloor.

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