Friday, March 11, 2011

Thrift Store Trip

A recent stop into my local thrift store introduced me to this beauty!

It's quite possibly the longest coffee table I've ever seen but remember, the couches were really long back then too! It was listed for a mere $19.99, however I need another random piece of furniture to refinish right now like I need a fork to the eye. So I was strong and came home, only to do a quick search on the internet to see that refinished it might be a really nice financial investment for a furniture flip.

So I'm going to head back tomorrow, hope it's still there, and check to see if it has a brand name imprinted on the bottom. As each day passes and it's not mine I feel like there really needs to be an addition to our mid-century family!


Shelley said...

They'd both be as your "flip" and the other as a nice bench for putting at the end of the bed!



Nutbird said...

Get it! All it needs is a sanding and oiling. Are you going to get your own apartment in Delaware, or are you going to commute like Joe Biden did for thirty years? If you get a place, this would be good for a TV.