Friday, October 2, 2009

Busy Week!

Sorry for no updates this week, we were busy actually being social and doing non-house related things!   

Wednesday was my birthday (I've almost caught up with Jolene...) so I went to lunch with Micheal and yesterday my awesome coworkers took me out for happy hour for my birthday.  But now we're back to the weekend and back to the reality of renovations, and preparing our house for our first guests!

I know Jason and Jolene will not be judging our home since we just moved in, but like anyone else I want my house to look the best it possibly can for house guests.  So this weekend we will be fixing the hole in the bathroom ceiling, finishing the guest bedroom dresser, cleaning and priming the guest bathroom, turning this bedroom:

 Into a 10th anniversary relaxing oasis... (or maybe just sweep up the cat hair...)

We also need to find two chairs as we only have two and I don't feel like sitting on a rubbermaid bin for dinner for the weekend (super klassy!) and we need to consider putting a door back on our bedroom.  So we've got plenty to keep us busy this weekend and should have several updates with photos coming soon!

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The Shove Household said...

We are getting so excited! Oasis, wow! As long as the kids are not around it will be realaxing, and that is all I need.