Friday, September 18, 2009

Project Status Updates

I'm sorry for the drop off in posts this week, I was attacked by the nasty cold virus going around last Thursday.  So for renovations last weekend I was pretty much worthless!

In thinking about what to blog about and being disappointed that I didn't have any amazing before an after pictures to post I realized an important lesson.  Renovating an entire home is a process and it's going to take a while to reach the goal of the after so it's important to note the progress as you go along.

So here are a few status updates about where we are in different projects:

Refinishing trim for master bedroom - we have about 75 percent of the trim sanded and repainted.  This has been a major project and a total pain in the butt.  When we're done I'll post about the process we went through to finally get them to their newly refinished state.  A few process pics:

          An idea of what it looked like before 

Micheal sanding off all the old paint

One of the pieces sanded down to bare wood - turns out they are actually multiple pieces of wood dovetailed together! Neither of us had seen trim made like this, my mom informed me that it was a common practice to make cheaper trim - huh who knew? 

This is where the trim is now, repainted white and looking good!  We purchased a nail gun and an air compressor last weekend so as soon as we're done it can go back up!

Refinishing Dressers from CL:
I have sanded the top of my dresser (water stains gone, yay!) and the front of four of the drawers.  I am in the process of searching for replacement drawer pulls that match the dresser and plan to finish sanding this weekend.  Maybe I'll even get to stain!

Micheal started sanding his today, I'll post pics of what we're doing tomorrow.

Latest Craigslist Find:

Free bricks!!  We've decided to start collecting bricks to build a retaining wall on the front of the house and for various other landscaping projects. We went and picked up this load of 175 bricks tonight, 5 minutes from our house and free!

Guest Bathroom: Didn't know that was currently on the list?  Well it wasn't...until this happened...

During a rainstorm two weeks ago water started leaking from the ceiling.  There had obviously been damage before but we hadn't dealt with it yet because it wasn't a pressing issue.  Micheal went up into the attic to find our attic exhaust fan (that doesn't work) was leaking into our attic and had likely been doing so for a while.  Great!!  The hole was actually made by Micheal's foot, just trying to speed the demo process along. ;)

So that's where we're at on some different projects!  Hopefully we'll have some completed work to sit back, enjoy, and share soon!


The Shove Household said...

So glad you are feeling better! Love the use of the rubbermaid to "patch" the hole.

Ashley said...

I know it shouldn't be funny, but the ceiling thing made me laugh. I love the current solution for it. That looks very sucky to fix. Good luck!

Kari said...

No worries, we have to laugh at it too :) It's the only way to stay sane!