Saturday, September 26, 2009

Refinishing Furniture

We have collected three dressers that it is our plan to refinish. You've seen pictures of mine which is coming along nicely, we've also picked up one for Micheal and a small one to put in the guest bedroom.

Refinishing furniture rather than buying new has many benefits!
  1. Keeps old furniture out of the landfill - good for the environment!
  2. Cost effective - if you have the time, patience and skill to put in
  3. Can personalize to your space
With furniture abound in an area of nomadic people without trucks or SUVs we have picked up several pieces for free or nearly free.  Here's where we're at with the projects:

This is Micheal's dresser, it was a free pickup from Arlington and a nice young couple that had made the silly mistake of painting the inside of the dresser as well as the outside.  It mad it so the drawers would not slide in and out.  So Micheal is sanding it down and will repaint it black to match his nightstand.

This is a dresser that I literally found in a parking lot when I was actually going to look at another free desk (that ended up being gross).  It's a little shabby looking and Micheal kinda gave me the side-ways eyeball when I made him come get it, but I maintain it's gonna be a nice little dresser when I'm done.  I'm going to sand and paint it white and spray paint the top gray.

Here is the status of my dresser.  As you can see I have sanded 4 out of the 5 drawers and the top of the dresser.  I have the stain already purchases and as soon as I patch all of the little holes and sand the last drawers I'm going to stain it!  I'm still looking for new (old) drawer pulls as this one was missing a few and a few were broken.  I really think it's going to be beautiful.

Stay tuned for progress on this, this master bedroom (trim going up this weekend!!!) and a how-to for removing can lights and patching your ceiling.

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