Monday, September 28, 2009

Things we learned this weekend

During my comprehensive exams I started a rather popular blog entry called "Things I learned today" - it was pretty dang funny (if I do say so myself), however I was stressed, sleep deprived and on the verge of a mental breakdown...

So I'm going to try and recreate that recurring entry with F2F!  Except it's going to be things we learned this weekend and hopefully I can get Micheal to chime in. :)  And sometimes we are stressed, sleep deprived and on the verge of a breakdown or two, so maybe it'll be just as interesting!!

With further ado...

Things we learned this weekend:

1. Don't leave anything visible in your car that might even SEEM valuable (even if it's not) cuz someone might rob you of $1.75 and you'll still have to replace your window.

2. Dunkin Donuts only has chocolate Munchkins if you come before 10am (I swear!) but if you've been craving them and you buy 50 Munchkins your husband might look at you like you're crazy when you get home.

3. Home improvement tools are one of the most enticing items for home burglars (so says our friendly neighborhood cop) so don't leave them out in plain sight!

4. If you try to put a new light bulb into a socket that happens to have a broken off light bulb that you didn't see it will spark and freak you out (and probably make you drop the light bulb...)

5. Moshe is a born hunter, when taken outside on a leash in approximate 6-8 inch grass (don't judge's in the back, no one can see it!) he acts like a lion stalking his prey (leaves) through the grass.  Hil-ar-ious!

6. When you go to Target and are only going to get two things, don't get a cart - no seriously, it's a bad idea... ($60 and 10 items later...)

7. The Nationals (DC's MLB team) have an AMAZING stadium!! And an even more amazingly bad team...  Potential uses for Nationals stadium besides actually watching baseball: Eating 7 dollar chili dogs, playing PS3 in the kids area, enjoying a quiet evening with friends (surrounded by the opposing team's fans), watching fireworks (!!) and almost getting puked on by small children.

There we go - these are some things we learned this weekend, how about you?


The Shove Household said...

where was your friendly neighborhood cop when the window was busted out???

The Shove Household said...

I always get the 60 donut holes... that way you get 20 free!!! Everyone needs a HUGE sugar rush now and again.

Kari said...

And none of them went to waste!! :) Mmmm....donut holes.

Heather said...

Wow...what a weekend!

Candace said...

That scallops are just to die for! if pan seared in butter to perfection!