Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Update 8/15/11

Hi all! We had a pretty good weekend - we went to our first auction out here (and Micheal's first ever!) and invested in an awesome piece of mid-century memorabilia.

Sat we headed out to Potomac, MD to a "Living Estate Auction" to check out how auctions go here on the East Coast. I've been to many an auction in Kansas, even worked a few and loved rummaging through boxes and the thrill of the bid. Turns out nothing has changed!! We had a great time and picked up a few fun things.

We paid $2 for the turquoise pottery, it's in great condition and I think I want to make it a cookie jar. The Christmas tree was $3 and is why I went to the sale! My grandma has one and I've always loved it so it'll make me feel all warm and fuzzy when I put it out at Christmas.

These guys (dessert dishes) were an impulse buy. There are actually 12 of them along with saucers that I haven't dug out yet. I thought they were cute and the auctioneer did dollar choice on all the boxes since no one was bidding and I couldn't say no.

Guess who wanted these guys? Two dollars brought them all home, on the way out the auctioneer told us he had valued them at $50 a piece, so who knows! Hand carved in Ecuador according to the bottoms. They're growing on me.

Saturday night we were watching Room Crashers on HGTV and the host did a mid-century room. They had a sputnik light included and I just melt when I see those, they're so awesome...and expensive. I took a chance and typed "sputnik" into CL and wouldn't you know a month old ad popped up with a sputnik for $100. We took a chance and contacted them and they still had it!!

Now, $100 might sound like a lot for us to spend, and in reality it is - however...these sell for $300 and up which I would never pay so to find one that is in our range was rare. And as Mike and Frank on American Pickers say: "The time to buy an antique is when you find it, because you never know when you'll find another."

So she's MINE! Aren't her legs sexy? :)

Tomorrow we head up to Wilmington to pick up the keys and clean my new pad. Take some measurements, make lists, and try not to cry too much.


Anonymous said...

I love it all. I grew up with that tree, too. I heart it. And I guess I need to check out some auctions around here!

Kari said...

Thanks! You definitely need to go to an auction. The only issue is there is a lot more waiting around (for whatever you want to bid on) rather than shopping an estate sale. But you can get some super deals!

Jenn said...

I love that christmas has one too...but I'M SUPER JEALOUS of that light fixture! That's too cool lol

Brittany said...

Aww! I have almost that exact same Christmas tree :) love it!