Sunday, August 14, 2011

Side Chair Makeover

Back in March I made Micheal trudge out in the rain to pick up this free chair from of course, craigslist.

I originally emailed about it because the lines of the arms seemed to fit the mid-century look; however, when we got there it was clear that wasn't mid-century, probably more like late 70s. BUT it was cute and free and dangit we went in the rain! So I carted it home.

This is where a person has to decide between painting and refinishing (staining.) My mama taught me never to paint wood and I've tried to stick by that... However, in this case staining would have not dealt with the outdated look. With the blessing of my mom, I painted it Dove white (Behr) and recovered the cushions in a bright, fun print!

  1. Clean and rough up with sandpaper
  2. Prime with Kilz new odorless oil-based primer due to stain bleed-through
  3. Spray with Behr Dove white paint with my new HVLP paint sprayer
  4. Recover cushions
  5. Replace seat webbing

I'm very happy with the finished product!! It transformed into such a fun and bright piece of furniture. It'll be on the truck to Delaware next week!

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B2B said...

You scored on this one! It looks great!

Kari said...


grandmagreatstreasures said...

This is so fantastic! You have such a talent for this. How do you like your paint sprayer? I have been contemplating acquiring one myself...

Tracy Suzanne said...

Wow. That really did make a huge different. It's so pretty now.

Have a great weekend...Tracy :)