Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Update 2/7/11 & WWL

Heeeeeeeello!!! How is everyone doin' this fine day? Pretty good over here at F2F, we're starting to get back into our groove with weekend home projects after my post-dissertation/post-interview, sit in my pajamas on the couch and watch TV endlessly phase...

Alright - hold onto your seat while I update you on what we worked on this weekend.


Trust me, it doesn't just feel like we've been working on this forever, we have been working on it for a very long time. But we've learned a lot of lessons about renovation planning that we will use for future projects.

This weekend we:
  • Cleaned up the crazy basement work space
  • Painted, cut and installed trim on the pantry
  • Installed a shelf under the cooktop
  • Touched up the paint errors, so all the orange paint is taken care of!
What We Learned This Weekend:
  1. If you have no self control, don't make no-bake cookies. Even IF you have self-control you may not be able to resist these puppies...
  2. You know how some little kids that are a HUGE pain in the but are hard to be mad at because they're so dang cute? This applies to kitties too...
    Cute Cat Picture

  3. We're definitely cat people. The puppy bowl totally bored me, but I could watch the kittens in the halftime show play for hours...

    This isn't the ACTUAL halftime show, but some extra footage of the filming, still hilarious!

  4. That we need to start collecting Dorito Dust to sprinkle on our house!

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