Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Craigslist Queen!

I've gotten some pretty good deals on CL since coming to DC including my dresser, Micheal's dresser, and my desk. However, the newest addition to our mid century decor has to be my best find yet!

Isn't she beautiful!! Look at those lines! Hubba hubba! There is a fourth chair that is currently sitting at my sewing machine.

The story goes like this - I was obsessively casually refreshing the craigslist "free" section when an ad popped up for free furniture. Included was a pic of this table and chairs (although the chairs were covered in an ugly vinyl) in the two seconds that I hesitated someone else beat me to the punch. But the nice woman took my name and said she's call if the other person backed out. Fast forward to the next day, she called!! The guy couldn't make it so it was all mine if I wanted it. My wonderful husband agreed to trek over to Arlington to pick it up and man was it worth it!

Man this table is cool and in great condition! Both sides fold down for easy storage!

Just to see what a good deal I might have gotten I Googled "mid century drop leaf table" and to my surprise I found my table right away...for $750 without chairs!! WHOA! With chairs it ranges from $1000 to $1250! Not sure I'll ever be able to top that one, but I'll keep trying!

My Mid Century Dining Room - Swoon!

Check out that original Herman Miller Bubble Lamp!


Comeca Jones said...

Lucky you!

Comeca Jones said...

I didnt ask but I like it without changes will you cover the seats?

Kari said...

Hi Comeca! Thanks! I actually did my posts a bit out of order because I was so excited to share my find. My husband has already removed the 7 layers of old fabric and I chose the blue to recover the chairs! So they're staying as is and I'll post the recovering tutorial this week!

Richmond Thrifter said...

WOW WOW WOW!!! That is the craziest thing ever!!! I am going to start "casually" looking for free stuff on craigslist now!!! Such a great find!