Thursday, December 9, 2010

What a week!!

So many things going on right now!! Just a few things that happened this week:

KU beat Memphis (again) - WOO HOO!

My fantasy football team somehow squeaked into the playoffs with our win last weekend - Go Maryland Modsquad!!

I successfully defended my dissertation!!!!!!!!!!

Here I am rockin' out a slide during my practice talk about bootstrap confidence intervals and sporting the signature Dr Pepper. (Micheal needs to work on his photog skillz...)

Celebrating with a few of my girls afterwards!

AND we tore out the old counters and sink and installed NEW BEAUTIFUL ONES!!

Here's a sneak peek!


1 comment:

Nutbird said...

Congratulations! I always like it when women succeed. Why don't you tell us in three or four sentences what your dissertation was about? Ann