Monday, December 6, 2010

Pantry Party!

I'm almost ashamed to share these before and after pictures with you, simply because it means I have to admit I actually stored FOOD in this pantry before I made it pretty. (Hangs head in shame...)

It's clean and happy now!! It's AMAZING what a coat of paint can do!

Dirty ashamed pantry:


Double Ick!

New happy pantry!

I need to work on straightening my camera shots!

I am SO happy with the bright clean look! The wall paint is "Celery Sticks" by Behr and the shelf paint is the same as our cabinet paint, Glidden's Swiss Mocha color matched with Behr Premium paint.

Micheal also caulked in the corners to make the shelves solid and so no crummies can fall down in the cracks! We've got the trim ready to cut and paint and the famous door is being given new life.

If you're still receiving my blog entries, thanks for hanging in with me during the off and on posting! My dissertation defense is scheduled for Wednesday which is a HUGE life moment for me. Maybe after that I'll have some free time. That is..until I start internship. ;)

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