Monday, November 22, 2010

Hanging In There

Hey all - I have been avoiding even OPENING blogger because I was scared to look at the "last post" date...Nov 5th. Sigh. Well I'm (we're) here and hanging in there.

Here is how things are looking:

Dissertation defense scheduled for December 8th at 3pm (WHOA!)

One interview scheduled at Children's Mercy in Kansas City for internship

December 15th is the general notification deadline for sites to contact about interviews (I applied to 15 and most wait until the deadline.)

Hopefully lots of interviews and traveling in January! I applied to 15 sites in 13 states!!

We've also been making slow but steady progress on the kitchen! We're hoping to knock out some big things over the Thanksgiving break! Here is the before and after for my pot/pan cabinet under the sink:


Eeewwww - this is NOT my grime and would NOT come off without sanding. Ew.


So clean!! And my awesome hubs built me the pullout drawers for the pots. We're going to put another set above these so I'll have lots of pullouts to store all my awesome cookware!!

I'll post some more over the holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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Comeca Jones said...

You guys have gotten so much done since last I logged on! I love it and your pots!