Friday, November 5, 2010

Home Depot Paint Options: Behr Versus Glidden

Behr Wins!

Pro - Cheaper
Pro - Had my color

Neutral - Acceptable coverage

Con - Sticky when dry: BAD for furniture
Con - Funky sweet smell

Pro - NO sticking!!
Pro - Acceptable/good coverage

Neutral - Better smell than Glidden, but still stinky

Con - Used color match but color wasn't exactly the same
Con - A little more costly (although not much)

I didn't have any paint allegiances before starting the kitchen. We ended up selecting Glidden because they had the color I wanted for the cabinets, Swiss Mocha. It was cheaper than Behr too, bonus! However, after a few coats of paint on the cabinet doors I began to get run into a major problem - "sticky" paint.

I was painting 15+ cabinet doors and cabinets so I needed lots of room but quickly learned I couldn't lean the doors against ANYTHING (even when dry) without the painted surface sticking to the other surface. This resulted in a TON of touch up painting, cursing, and some more touch up painting. In hindsight we realized that we also used Glidden on the buffet we refinished (Here) and had the same "sticking" problem. We couldn't put anything on it without having it damage the paint even after waiting the suggested 48 hours.

I decided mid project to switch to Behr to see if it would make a difference and boy did it! I'm happy to say that our cabinets and cabinet doors no longer stick to everything! We did a color match and it didn't come out exactly the same, BUT since everything needed a new top coat anyway it wasn't a big deal.

We will be going with Behr (when shopping at Home Depot) from now on.

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The Shove Household said...

they also have a special formulation for bathroom and kitchen that wipes really well... We have used it in our kitchen and bath and the steam from the bathroom has not caused any damage and the kids food, fingerprints and such wipes right off in the kitchen.