Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend (Life) Update and WWL 12.19.10

I guess it really doesn't count as a "weekend update" if it spans about 10 days, but I figure when you've got something that works just roll with it. :)

Turns out we're kind of in a rut when it comes to home stuff - my life was consumed with dissertation and internship applications for so long that now that those are over I can't seem to get myself rolling again in the DIY world. So I'm coming back to the blog to try and remotivate myself! (I feel a New Year's Resolution coming on...)

We have decided to "finish" the kitchen to a usable stopping point leaving the tile backsplash and new tile floor for the spring when we've recovered financially from my internship travels in January. We actually only have a few things left to reach that goal!!

1. Window and pantry trim
2. 4 cabinet doors and 1 drawer
3. Pantry door
4. Paint touchup

HOLY CRAP!! I honestly can't believe the list is now that small - remember this list??!

I KNOW you all want some pictures so I'll share a cute/quick little redo I did of a vintage kitchen stool we bought. We got this at the Arlington Flea Market over the summer for a whopping $8!

Loving the beige vinyl?? Kali was...

A quick switch out of the fabric and this updated step stool/chair is a perfect addition to our MCM decor!

I looove it. :)

Last but not least - What We Have Learned (recently):

  1. Cats somehow magically know the difference between the cat carrier when it's just sitting out and when it's going to the vet. Try to put Indi in the cat carrier on vet day? Watch out for devil kitty!! Leave them in the living room? They fight over who gets to sleep in them...
  2. People in DC STILL panic over 1-2 inches of snow even after Snowmaggedon and Snowpacolypse last year.
  3. Constantly refreshing Gmail doesn't make internship interview emails (or rejections for that matter) come any faster.
  4. Toys R Us is well prepared for the shopping madness that is the last Sunday before Christmas: 10 checkout lines running, in and out in 2 minutes. World Market is NOT, line halfway through the store. I got a lot of shopping done while Micheal was waiting in line. :)
  5. Buy a pashmina and/or a cheap fondue pot for your next "Dirty Santa" gift exchange.
  6. Puppy chows is kinda like snack crack.
  7. It's silly to buy two rolls of Christmas wrapping paper (no matter how cool it is) if you're buying and shipping all your gifts online.
  8. I'm awesome at charades!!

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