Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Update & WWL 10/11/10

It was a busy weekend in the F2F house! We got a ton accomplished and they are nice visible changes so it's starting to feel good - it's starting to really come together!!

  1. Finish door and windows
    • Metal trim
    • Mud
    • Sand (some final sanding left to do unfortunately)
  2. Walls
    • Finish priming gray
    • Paint orange - WOO!! One small wall left to do.
  3. Cabinets
    • Paint - doing some finishing touchups
    • Buy and install handles
    • Buy and install hinges
    • Put new bottom in under sink cabinet
    • Install side panel beside dishwasher
    • Put in cork shelf liner - we're doing it as we go
  4. Electrical
    • Replace all old outlets and switches
    • Turn this junction box into the attic and patch ceiling
    • Maybe replace ugly light
    • Move outlet for microwave
    • Install microwave
    - it's BEAUTIFUL!
  5. Trim
    • Finish sanding window trim - Gave up and took it down, it was messed up.
    • Prime and paint window trim
    • Finish sanding pantry trim
    • Prime and paint pantry trim
    • Sand floor trim
    • Paint floor trim
  6. Ceiling
    • Sand
    • Remove hooks
    • Paint
    • Sand and paint patches
  7. Counters
    • Remove old counters
    • Cut new counters
    • Install new counters
  8. Backsplash
    • Decide on and purchase backsplash tiles
    • Remove old vent and patch hole
    • Install & grout tiles
  9. Buy and install new sink
  10. Clean grout in floor
  11. New pantry door
We also built a pull-out drawer for the cabinet under the wall oven - we were trying to make this more usable space. How many of you have lost things in the back of these non-accessible cabinets? This drawer is awesome and easy to build!! Directions to come of course :) WWL:
  1. No matter HOW many sizes of screws you have you will always need the one that is 1/4" longer or shorter. Sometimes 1/4 inch can seem like 1/4 mile!
  2. We are now coloring in the lines.
  3. Don't switch paint bases in the middle of a project, even if you color match.
  4. Indi does not have a mute button.
  5. Uncle Julio's swirl margarita is good, but not quite as good as the ones at Lauriol Plaza.
  6. It is amazing how quickly a smell can permeate the house - our new sink is amazing but the rubberized coat was so so so stinky. It's been outside since we got it!

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