Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pitfalls of Pets and Renovation

Generally our kitties just run for the hills when we get out the power tools (especially poor Moshe) but occasionally they poke their little noses into the construction zone particularly if it's a day without noisy tools.

So far Kali has stepped in my paint pan, Moshe regularly tried to brush against wet paint or wet joint compound. Indi walks through all the construction dust because she wants to be RIGHT WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES!!

But this was really the best/worst/most hilarious and I had to share a pic.

Poor Moshe...that require a good washing of the paws, of which he was not a big fan. I love that you can almost see the process unfolding - the back right paw hits and slides, the back left paw spreads out to try and get some grip...lots of laughs that day. :)


MrsG said...

That's hilarious! Our 2 cats and dog definitely wanted to "help" when we were doing our bathroom. I wish I would have taken pictures of the day Daisy sat in a hunk of wet drywall mud!!

Red said...

I think you should leave the paw prints there. it'll be like writing your name in the cement foundation when you pour it or something.

Kari said...

Mrsg - that would have been a great picture!!

Red - we actually have a plan to leave our mark! But it will be a little less conspicuous than the Moshe paw prints ;-)

Bob said...

I would say that was the finishing touch. Ready for Paint!