Friday, October 1, 2010

Re-Hanging A Cabinet

That's right people, we have cabinets!! And since I'm on the couch suffering the plague given to me by my coworkers I have time to post. :)

There are several things to consider when hanging cabinets - most importantly is how the cabinets are going to be securely attached to the wall. Generally you want to anchor your cabinets into the studs on your wall that are supposed to be space out every 16 inches. However when RE-hanging cabinets your kind of at the mercy of where the cabinets were hung the first time. Studs or no studs.

Additionally in an older homes like ours there aren't studs between the brick and sheetrock, but a very thin "fir strip" every 16 inches. These fir strips don't provide as much support as a stud so we supplemented with super intense screw/anchors.

We measured to make sure they were long enough to go through the cabinet, the sheet rock, and into the brick/mortar to give us the support we needed.

Now to hang them.

First we built up a makeshift stand to hold the cabinet so we could get it level and mark where the holes needed to be drilled.

Once we got it to the height we needed Michel put some nails in the pre-existing holes and gently tapped them to mark on the wall where we needed to drill.

Next we used a long drill bit to pre-drill the hole all the way into the brick. Get a bit that is the same width as your anchors. Ours were 3/16.

Then we put the cabinet back on our cabinet stand and used a power drill to drill the anchors into the wall.

And voila!

And then stick a few things in it to get that warm fuzzy "I just hung a cabinet" feeling.

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