Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life Overload

Alright folks, here's the deal. In addition to being a part time home renovator/blogger I am also a full time graduate student in the throws of dissertation and internship applications.

I proposed my dissertation last Wednesday, my first set of analyses are due on Thursday (my birthday, what a present!), first draft of results due Oct. 31st, internship applications due Nov. 1st and dissertation defense is scheduled for Dec. the 8th. HOLY CRAP!

So this is to say that my posts will like be sporadic even though we're moving forward on the kitchen. Weekend updates may not be on Monday and my WWL may not be very witty.

We DID make progress this weekend though! We hung ONE cabinet. That's right, one cabinet - and it looks DARN GOOD! Do I have a picture? Yes...on the camera that hasn't been downloaded. So for right now use your imagination. :)

Okay, back to work.

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