Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Update & WWL 9/20/10

Wow, it's been a while since I've written one of these!! Fortunately since we've been back from Paris we've been pretty busy. Let's take a look back at Kitchen Goal List.

  1. Finish door and windows
    • Metal trim
    • Mud
    • Sand (some final sanding left to do unfortunately)
  2. Walls
    • Finish priming gray
    • Paint orange - WOO!! One small wall left to do.
  3. Cabinets
    • Paint - Bottom cabinets done, bottom cabinet doors almost done
    • Buy and install handles
    • Buy and install hinges
    • Put new bottom in under sink cabinet
    • Install side panel beside dishwasher
    • Put in cork shelf liner
  4. Electrical
    • Replace all old outlets and switches
    • Turn this junction box into the attic and patch ceiling
    • Maybe replace ugly light
    • Move outlet for microwave
    • Install microwave
  5. Trim
    • Finish sanding window trim - Gave up and took it down, it was messed up.
    • Prime and paint window trim
    • Finish sanding pantry trim
    • Prime and paint pantry trim
    • Sand floor trim
    • Paint floor trim
  6. Ceiling
    • Sand
    • Remove hooks
    • Paint
    • *Sand and paint patches
  7. Counters
    • Remove old counters
    • Cut new counters
    • Install new counters
  8. Backsplash
    • Decide on and purchase backsplash tiles
    • Remove old vent and patch hole
    • Install & grout tiles
  9. Buy and install new sink
  10. Clean grout in floor
  11. New pantry door
Man it felt good to write all that STRIKE html code!! We showed you the patch over the stove last week and you also saw that the walls were primed gray. And after gray comes...
ORANGE - I know you're excited...

More pics to come!

So, WWL:

1. Stink bugs are an epidemic in all of Maryland and NOVA in the fall, not just in our house. And they're back.

2. You need to let drywall mud "cure" fully (the internet provides conflicting views of how long that is) before priming and painting. Otherwise you get peeling paint. (ANNOYING)

3. We have "official" permission to put stuff into our neighbors construction dumpster! (No more late night trips under the cover of night...)

4. Raccoons are SMART little devils!! AND the like kitty food.

5. Indi DOES NOT like raccoons. (POOFY KITTY)

6. Dark colors of paint don't look good until the third coat.

7. Cooking by lamplight isn't all it's cracked up to be.

8. I am the ULTIMATE craigslister!!!

9. My third arm new phone IS AWESOME! It has the wifis...and the bigger GBs...

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