Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kitchen Goals

So like I said yesterday, our little kitchen makeover has taken a turn for the more serious renovation. About halfway through we came to the mutual realization that with all the other things that need to be done in the house it's unlikely that we'll revisit the kitchen once we're done. So the list has definitely grown - here's what we have left. It's quite a list!!

  1. Finish door and windows

    • Metal trim
    • Mud
    • Sand
  2. Walls

    • Finish priming gray
    • Paint orange
  3. Cabinets

    • Paint
    • Buy and install handles
    • Buy and install hinges
    • Put new bottom in under sink cabinet
    • Install side panel beside dishwasher
    • Put in cork shelf liner
  4. Electrical

    • Replace all old outlets and switches
    • Turn this junction box into the attic and patch ceiling
    • Maybe replace ugly light
    • Move outlet for microwave
    • Install microwave
  5. Trim

    • Finish sanding window trim
    • Prime and paint window trim
    • Finish sanding pantry trim
    • Prime and paint pantry trim
    • Sand floor trim
    • Paint floor trim
  6. Ceiling
    • Sand
    • Remove hooks
    • Paint
  7. Counters
    • Remove old counters
    • Cut new counters
    • Install new counters
  8. Backsplash

    • Decide on and purchase backsplash tiles
    • Remove old vent and patch hole
    • Install & grout tiles
  9. Buy and install new sink
  10. Clean grout in floor
  11. New pantry door
Longer term projects
  1. Install counters in breakfast nook
  2. Buy/make kitchen cart for old refrigerator corner
  3. Buy cabinet storage systems
  4. Redo pantry shelving


Candace said...

I was wondering what you were going to do with your time when you finished, but I'm not worried now..............WHAT! You gave up on the pantry door?!?

Kari said...

Shhh...don't tell anyone about the door!