Saturday, August 14, 2010

What a week...

It's been a long and crazy week. It started Monday when this beautiful, sweet, loving, docile girl:

Turned into some sort of evil demon

She decided that her best buddy Moshe was no longer someone she wanted to be friends with and turned into a growling hissing it's been a week of trying to figure out what happened, working on getting them in the same room together without killing each other, and sending kitties to their appropriate corner if necessary.

If THAT wasn't enough to deal with a big storm came through on Thursday and knocked out our power. So not only did we have grumpy kitties, we had grumpy kitties in a hot dark house. Awesome. Power was out for about 36 hours - darn you Pepco!!

Both of these issues have definitely impeded our kitchen process but now that we've got power, and the Indi is slowly returning to her normal sweet self we're back on the job!

AND we've gotten a few things DONE!

Finish door and windows
  • Metal trim
  • Mud (In progress!)
  • Sand (Next!)
  • Decide on and buy cabinet handles - Hallelujah!
Long ones for the drawers Shorter ones for the doors

(Sorry the pictures kinda stink, I never found my camera charger so I'm operating with our old 3.2 MP backup.)

Back to work!


Red said...

I can't wait to see it finished!

Kari said...

Thanks Red, you and me both!!

NK said...

oh my god, I LOVE your cat :) so cute. thank god mine likes his baths :)