Monday, August 9, 2010

WWL and A New Goal Strategy

Last night I was dreading writing this blog entry. I generally love blogging and use it as an escape from stress or a way to delay other work that I really don't want to do. So when blogging about my lovely house became a chore I needed to figure out why.

It turns out, I felt like I was letting you all down. (All like 40 of you) :) We were setting goals and then not meeting them. In truth, our plans keep changing so the goals keep changing so the whole idea of setting goals the week before (on my own I might add) was not working for us as a "team." So I'm changing it up and now we're going to make a large master goal list and I'll post as we cross an item off. The list is likely going to be daunting since our kitchen "makeover" has officially turned into an all out kitchen renovation. I'm not shocked but it has made the process exponentially more difficult, slower and it's taking much longer than expected. But I think (HOPE) it'll all be worth it in the end!

So I'll leave you with WWL and work on my master list with the hubs tonight.

We went to see Kings of Leon in concern on Saturday and actually did NO renovations that day! It was crazy! But we had so much fun. A lot of WWL definitely came from going to my first big concert in over probably...9 years?

Concert Stuff

  1. Opening bands really do suck, we got there way too early.
  2. For an outdoor venue, bring your own food and drinks and tailgate in the parking lot until the main act. 11 bucks for a beer, 14 bucks for a margarita!?
  3. No matter how cute you want to look, don't wear a skirt to a concert. You're going to be sitting for a while and your sitting positions are much more limited in a skirt.
  4. We will absolutely be putting a lo-jack on our teenagers when we have them.
  5. If you sit in the front row you dictate whether your section sits or stands to watch the concert.
    Home Stuff

  6. Communication and compromise are key to any successful renovation.
  7. Micheal and I can do "small redo" - it just keeps getting more complicated (and expensive!)
  8. We can agree on expensive style choices it's the inexpensive ones that we have trouble finding a middle ground on.
  9. Lowe's has a crappy glass tile selection.

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