Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All we need is a hurricane...

...and we'll have a good chunk of natural disasters covered.

First there was Snowmageddon.

Then there was Snowpacolypse.

The strongest earthquake in DC's history.

And now? Tornadic force winds that knocked out power for over 265,000 ppl and most of the stoplights in the MD/DC area. Some pics from my street:

We were very lucky and did not sustain any damage. Like the good Kansan I am, when they announced the tornado warning and I heard the high winds I went outside to check it out while most Marylanders hung out in the basement. :)


Nemmie said...

Actually I believe the next natural disaster is: volcanic ash. Or so I read somewhere ;)

Hang in there! Glad no major damage occurred...

Kari said...

LOL! That's JUST what I need, some molten lava flowin' down the street. :P Maybe I can use the leftover lava rock for landscaping?

Ashley @ Decorating Obsessed said...

Ha! Amateurs!

Glad you guys and the house are okay.