Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowmageddon 2 - The revenge of the flakes...

This is really just getting silly people! The federal government has been closed for four days now (including tomorrow), they had to call off plowing for blizzard like conditions today, and the majority of people out that the reporters could interview were from places like Canada or the Czech Republic!

I have never seen snow like this in my life and Micheal and I have joking about how in 30 years we'll be telling the story of the blizzard of 2010 to our grandkids. :)

This was the start of the snow over the weekend (Saturday) when we lost power -->

This was Sunday when things were all said and done (we still had no power...)-->

We made our own Snow-refrigerator (Snowgerator?)...

The kitties did not love the house at 50 degrees - they all found this one patch of sunlight, it was pretty funny. :)

Moshe found a warm place to hang out -->

Micheal traipsing around looking for power -->

Power finally came back on Monday morning around 5am and the snow stopped - which gave us reprieve for all of 48 hours before it hit again. Snow started yesterday afternoon leading to blizzard like conditions. We did not step foot outside today as it looked nasty and cold. Maybe tomorrow we'll go play in this:

Patio furniture? What patio furniture? :P

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