Monday, February 8, 2010

What we learned this weekend

Wow, what a weekend it was!! The entire Washington, DC area was under a severe storm warning starting Friday afternoon through the weekend. It started snowing on Friday and came down hard throughout the night. We lost power on Saturday morning about 10:30AM and power was not restored until this morning at 5AM!!! It was a super long two days without power and a total of 20 inches of snowing sitting outside our door. I'll upload pictures soon of the chaos.

Here's what we learned on this snowy weekend.

1. A power outage is novel at first, the novelty wears off after about 6 hours and the temperature begins to dip.

2. We have no insulation in this house (okay so we already knew that but were strongly reminded of it this weekend.)

3. Without heat our house will get down to 45 degrees overnight! AH!! That was cold.

4. Down comforters are Ah-mazing.

5. Gas cooking and gas hot water are also Ah-mazing.

6. Attempting to heat your house with water boiling on the stove can cause a condensation rainstorm!

7. DC predictions of snow are much more reliable than Kansas predictions.

8. A small bobcat front-loader is a WAY better snow removal tool than the big scrapers!

9. The Shoppers employees are WAY tougher than those Home Depot wusses!

10. A 5000 watt generator costs $600.

11. The campground/pool area behind our house (that had power!!) is protected by barbed-wire fence...

12. When the power is out this is a great time to work on electrical replacement tasks!

It was quite a weekend!

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