Friday, February 5, 2010


The second official blizzard for the WDC area has begun! A month ago we underwent the "Snowpacolypse" and now... "Snowmageddon!" No one ever said that the Washingtonians weren't creative. :)

It's been snowing since about 11 and this is what we have thus far:

They're calling for anywhere from 15 to 30 inches!

Since we'll be snowed in this weekend we're planning on doing some long awaited renovations.

My friend Ashley over at Decorating Obsessed posted about her plans for placement of her new floating shelves, so I'm stealing her idea and doing the same!

The idea is to balance out the random small window by evenly spacing the top shelf with the outside of the window.

I'll keep the updates coming over the weekend! As long as I don't lose power ;)

So far we've transformed a 7 foot piece of vintage white oak into these two shelves:

The bottom one has obviously been stained (the same color as my dresser) and the second has since been stained.

We're planning on placing them above our headboard like this:

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