Monday, February 1, 2010

What we learned this weekend...

Woo hoo! Back on the Monday schedule!

What we learned this weekend:

1. That evidently I (Kari) am a walking disaster. Within two days I managed to sand my hand with a power sander (blood was shed) and burn my arm on the heater vent pipe. (Which I now maintain is WAY to close to the washer/dryer.)

2. That Micheal is more Holmes on Homes and I am more Designed to Sell.

3. That no matter how desperate I am for Dr Pepper I will not drink flat Dr Pepper. I got a soda out of a vending machine, opened it…BLECH! Totally syrupy. Look at the expiration date? 4/9/09 – AWESOME. I made SuperFresh trade it in for me.

4. That bath fans are WAY more expensive than I thought!! $100 (ish) for a BATH fan?? Can’t I just light a match?

5. That Community Forklift is having 40% off weekends for the next two weekends for anything in the store! WOOHOO!

I think that’s about it…it was a pretty slow weekend…

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CommunityForklift said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out!