Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Plans

Greetings!! I know we haven't been updating much lately and for that I apologize. It seems like we're stuck in one spot on renovations (the house keeps fighting us) so I have not been motivated to take pictures and continue to update on our final trimming process. But, I need to move past this mental block so here we go!

This weekend we are going to:

1. Sand and repaint (again...) the infernal east wall of our bedroom. If paint peels again I might just tear the whole thing down...

Micheal is already working on this as I type. He likes to vacuum and sand at the same time as to avoid excess dust in the bedroom.

2. Go to home depot and buy a ceiling fan brace to be able to safely mount the ceiling fan here:

3. Mount said ceiling fan.

4. Re-sand the drawers to my desk because I don't like the white design I put on them...

5. Stain these two pieces of beautiful vintage white oak and turn them into floating shelves!

...and since it's doing this out:

We won't be outside playing so should have plenty of time to get stuff done!

Oh yeah - and the Jayhawks play tonight!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!


Ashley said...

Looking good!

Brent does the same thing when he sands. I'm just not that coordinated to do both things at once. I think he's showing off. ;)

Kari said...

Evidently I shouldn't try to use the sander and vacuum at once...then I end up power sanding my hand! OUCH!