Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What we learned this weekend (late Tuesday edition)

We had a pretty busy weekend and learned a lot!

1. Parking in Adams Morgan on a Saturday night SUCKS!

2. The east wall of our bedroom is cold and doesn't like paint. The paint won't stick, it peels, it sweats, it's annoying.

3. If you take the trim off in your bathroom the steam will get into the door frame and mess up your paint on the other side of the wall.

4. When you pick jeans to be your "paint pants" you're likely going to pick ones you don't ever wear...don't pick ones you don't wear because they're just a tad too small. After climbing and painting you need comfortable jeans!

5. When it comes to paint and trimming, we're tape people. If we ever stray from this path again please PLEASE remind us to use tape.

6. Evidently the previous owners of this house didn't value their privacy. It is likely they NEVER closed their bathroom door. So says the door hinges that were installed backwards!!

7. I cannot bake and be involved in a KU game at the same time. The cookies suffer. (ROCK CHALK BABY!)

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