Saturday, January 23, 2010

Product Review/Rave - Harmony Paint by Sherwin Williams

Micheal and I have been testing the waters in the Green Revolution that has overtaken the construction and design world. One of the major successes so far has been with Sherwin Williams Harmony Paint.

I have heard complaints about SW's interior paint not providing good coverage (of course after we already bought $300 worth of paint...ugh...) so I was a bit concerned that when we started we would be disappointed. Not at all! This is a no VOC, low odor paint. We were skeptical at first since Micheal and I both have pretty sensitive sniffers.

We started painting over the hideous yellow in our bedroom and literally 3/4 of the way through I said to Micheal "whoa...wait, I can't smell any paint!" I honestly hadn't even noticed until that point that there were or weren't paint fumes, it's really an amazing thing. The coverage is excellent too, we probably could have covered in one coat if we hadn't had roller issues, but two coats worked like a charm to have a smooth finish. We used the satin finish and I really like it.

We purchased ours during the 25% off sale and got it for about $30/gal which as the same price as their regular brand and less expensive than their "Duration" paint (which I will post on later, did not like as much as the Harmony.)

So we give it two thumbs and 3 paws up!

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