Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Update & WWL 8/2/10

Seriously?! It's August?! Where did the summer go...

It's been an up and down week both personally and with home renovations. I'm a little sad looking at our goals for last week because we didn't get a {sigh}

  • Finish painting all cabinets (it's taking 3 coats.) - Got another coat on.
  • Finish priming kitchen walls. - Bought the extra primer needed.
  • Buy hinges. - Nope
  • Finish the window pass throughs with sheetrock. - Framed and rewired, not sheetrocked.
I honestly don't remember what we did on Friday (Micheal?) and Saturday we helped Micheal's friend Jeff install two new fancy bath fans. I think the job was a bit more than Micheal expected, after about 3 hours either on the roof or in the attic Micheal got a bit...silly.
This endeavor took a lot of the day so we came home and knocked out a few things but nothing major. Sunday we did get a few things done:
  • Rewire and move all outlets that were misplaced by the new window. Because the wiring in our house is a MESS this always takes for-eva.

  • Almost done trimming out the windows
  • Demo'd the old door frame to the kitchen entrance
  • One coat of paint on the cabinet bases still in the kitchen
I'm trying to think, did we learn anything interesting?
  1. Jeff's dog likes to eat paper.
  2. Dimmer switches disperse the additional energy from the light in the form of heat that warms up the metal plates surrounding the switch.
  3. Red wine is stronger than white wine!
  4. Whatever life throws our way we'll take in stride and figure it out.

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