Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Update & WWL 6/28/10

What a weekend...and generally not in a good way. It ended up okay but felt like a series events governed by Murphy's Law. But, like all good renovators we did our best to pick up and keep going.

My weekly to do lists have been good for motivation but also tend to end in Sunday night cram fests. So let's look at the list and see how we did this weekend.

  • Hopefully avoid having to order steroids for Micheal - The poison ivy has been beaten! Thank goodness.
  • Paint the cabinet doors - Yeeahhh.....They're almost ready to be painted.
  • Order hinges and knobs - Not even close.
  • Sand second half of tabletop - Sunday night cram!

    There are still spots that have some poly left so it'll need another very fine sand.

  • Remove final seat cover - Micheal took care of this while I took a coping nap today, he's a peach.
Other things we did:
  • Do a complete tune-up on the truck.
  • Drive an hour to pickup this beautiful buffet/china cabinet.

    I did a little preemptive decorating. :)

  • Went shopping at the Gap.
  • Did repair work on the first buffet and the second buffet.
  • Hung a new bird feeder.

The trip to Annapolis was planned after we set goals last Sunday prepping the truck and taking that trip cut into our renovation time. But it was worth it - the woman we bought it from is actually a hobbyist mid-century collector and seller! Her garage was FULL of treasures... We didn't end up purchasing anything else, but told her about a few things I'm looking for and she said she'd keep her eyes out for me.

This would be the time that I would set goals for next week, however - I won't be here! We got a free ticket from United for something that went wrong on our last trip so I'm using it for a quick trip home to shoot off some fireworks this weekend. So Micheal might chime in at some point with goals for himself, but my goals are to see my family, friends, and set off some small explosives!


The Shove Household said...

I got the what we did but where is the WWL????

Kari said...

Yeah, I realized I left that out after I hit publish... so I guess this one should just be a Weekend Update. :)