Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Funny How Things Work Out

About a month ago when we were actively searching for a mid century buffet Micheal found an awesome one on craigslist. You have to be QUICK with these things, so when we didn't hear back immediately we soft of bombarded the woman with emails. After about a week of no answer she emailed back saying it had been sold. :( However she and Micheal had a short email correspondence about where they bought it, it's history, etc. which was nice. They bought it at a garage sale for $25 because no one wanted it! Crazy people! So another missed opportunity. Sad.

Then we hit up this awesome estate sale a few weeks back and scored some amazing pieces at a great deal. Two side tables and an awesome buffet all for $135, sweet! More than we typically spend (thinking free...) but I was ready for some furnishings that I could just bring home and use.

We've been cleaning them up and preparing to post pics for you guys, and low and behold a month later the first woman emails us back! The other person never showed, and even though there were people in front of us in line she knew we really wanted it so wanted to offer it to us!

Just what we need, another piece of furniture right? In this case, yes. It's an amazing deal (and about an hour away) and we're thinking of turning it into a flat panel TV console!

And the best part is the price, $50!!! Even if we can't find a place for it (who am I kidding...we will) we would be able to clean it up and resell it in DC for a much better price. Yay!

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Elizabeth Bartels said...

Those pieces are fantastic!