Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Men just don't get us sometimes :)

I had to share this conversation between Micheal and I today, it's hilarious (love ya babe!) Totally unrelated to home improvement, but totally us. :)

(As I'm preparing to go home to KS)
Me: I need a new travel bag - like makeup bag
Micheal: keep your eyes open for one
Me: Target has some cute ones, I want a super cute one. :) Maybe a matching set even
Micheal: Wow, OK. But is it a travel bag or a makeup bag and why is there a set? 1 bag doesn't equal a set.
Me: One for shampoo, bigger stuff etc. One for makeup, brushes.
me: Kinda like this:

Micheal: did "a bag" become a small army of bags?
Me: :D I don't need all of those...maybe like 3 ;)
Micheal: Do you even have enough makeup and misc to fill all those bags?
Me: Yes! I don't even have a bag right now so I'm randomly shoving stuff in my bag like hair things, deodorant, lotion etc. - Being this beautiful takes supplies ;)
Micheal: You're beautiful without the supplies [Awww...]

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