Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Update & WWL

I've decided to beef up the Monday post to include a general update and what we learned. Since our motto is: "A whole house renovation one weekend at a time" I should probably keep track of what we do over the weekend. :)

Memorial Day Weekend!

Projects in Progress:
Projects Completed:
  • Install new ceiling fixture in Kari's office
  • Replace old dryer vent

  • Demo Gitmo bathroom
  • Cover Gitmo bedroom floor with paper to use for construction storage
Plans for the Upcoming Week(end)
  • Final sand and stain nightstand, goal (6/6/10)
  • Finish painting side stairs, goal (6/4/10)
  • Measure outdoor cushions for recovering & order fabric (6/4/10)
  • Finish touchup paint on MBR Ceiling
What We Learned!
  1. The robin eggs hatched!!
  2. The 2nd unused ceiling light fixture in my office isn't connected to the light switch. Currently the only way I can turn it off is with the breaker for the office.
  3. We had mold downstairs, EW! (It's cleaned up now, don't worry.)
  4. The windows downstairs are shimmed/framed in with sheet rock pieces and cardboard...awesome.
  5. 3.5 days straight of renovation is exhausting!
  6. The DC Zoo doesn't have giraffes and their elephant exhibit is under construction until 2011, lame.
  7. The toilet and the sink in Gitmo work! Like a virgin...flushed for the very first time...

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