Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Replacing the Old Dryer Vent

So Micheal was totally horrified when I posted my little landscaping project last week and the duct taped dryer vent concoction left by the contractor was in the background. He set out this weekend to spruce it up by getting rid of the old and unused, and the newer but still ugly dryer vents. And we had to do something about the big hole in the bricks...


The white PVC pipe is the original vent; the contractor for the bank closed that up (with duct tape) and put in a cheap metal vent next to it.

So we broke out the reciprocating saw (insert manly grunt here) and cut of the PVC pipe, disconnected the metal pipe and were left with this:

This hole is much bigger than the 4 inch pipe we will be using for the vent, so we had to come up with a fix for that as well.

We measured a piece of sheet metal large enough to cover the hole and cut a 4 inch opening for the vent to go through. We spray painted the galvanized metal with Rustoleum spray paint so they would blend in better. Use a masonry bit to pre-drill the holes in the brick and attached the metal cover and to vent to the wall.

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Ashley said...

Very nice. You guys are so crafty.