Thursday, November 5, 2009

The crazy things you find...

I almost gave up on the month of daily blog posts today, only 5 days in - why? Because it was a long and exhausting day and I couldn't think of anything good to post about.

Then I thought it might be interesting to share some of the interesting eccentricities that our lovely house boasts:

The Crazy Alarm System

When you first walk up to our house you're greeted by this red cherry light.

As an intruder, if that doesn't scare you off maybe this very odd looking lock (that we believe to be a magnet lock) will keep you out of our house.

However, if those two deterrents don't keep you away I will just hit the "prowler" button on my fabulous alarm system...

If THAT awesome system wasn't interesting enough for you - you should check out our state of the art kitchen exhaust system!

Oh yes, that IS daylight you see in this hole in the wall with a fan in it.

The final piece of crazy foreclosure excitement I'll share with you, the scary

This is in the basement, it's scary, and no one uses it.

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