Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bathroom "Refresh"

When your entire house needs to be renovated/updated there will likely be times that you are going to need to bite the bullet and make something "presentable" as opposed to making it "fabulous." This was the case with our guest bathroom last month when Jason and Jolene came to visit. While we were okay with using a bathroom that had a hole in the ceiling, ugly unfinished walls, musty smelling, and with a less-than-fabulous color scheme we didn't want to expose our guests to it.

So we decided to do a quick refresh to make the bathroom at least usable, and if we got anywhere near nice looking that bully for us. :)

After a good scrub, our first areas to attack were the walls. In the future these walls will either need to be repaired, replaced, or covered with some sort of wall treatment. They have been damaged by wallpaper, moisture, bad patch jobs, and years and years of bad paint.

So instead of wasting paint on bad walls we decided to do an initial layer of white primer just to make everything look uniform. This did wonders for the overall look. We also removed the black tile that went around the base of the walls.

We bought new towels, a cute candle holder, bath mat, and used a small shelf I had to add some color and charm. I also strategically used our shower curtain to hide the pink and green tiles so the only tiles I had to match were the blue/gray floor tiles.

Overall I think it was a HUGE improvement and we love these towels so when we renovate the bathroom we will incorporate these colors (blue, green, and brown.)

Here are some inspiration images of what I would like for our bathroom:

Vessel/Basin Sink


We are pretty limited because it is a very small bathroom, the sink cannot be deeper than 18" which does not give us much room to work with AT ALL! But we're up to the challenge!

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