Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Landfill Rescue

I got this "gem" off craigslist last week for free.

Come on now, can't you see the potential?? I can, so that's why I went and picked it in spite of the lister's ringing endorsement "not sure why anyone would want this but I thought I'd put it on here before it went to the landfill." I challenge you to your own "landfill rescue," look at some of your old "junk" and repurpose it for the same or a different use.

I'm actually almost done reworking this beauty and will post it pics once it's hung in it's new place of honor by our front door!


Leslie @ DIY Diaries said...

First, loving the new blog design! It looks good. Second... sorry to be so dense... but what is that thing? :)

Kari said...

:) It's a mailbox! They don't do street mailboxes here, they're hung by the front door!

Kari said...

Oh yeah, and THANKS! HTML isn't too bad once you get the hang of it. :)

Candace said...

It's the mail box I helped you find! You should have seen me, I'm looking and looking scrunched up against the computer screen! I couldn't figure out what I was looking at!

Are you going to paint it or leave it the brushed aluminum?

Kari said...

We're going to paint it! No saving the brush aluminum...(rust)... ;)