Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mid Century Modern - Me?!

When it comes to decor I tend to shy away from labels like "contemporary" "classic" "retro" etc. Mostly because I don't really know what they mean... How is retro different than vintage? How is "shabby chic" different than "piece of garbage I don't want anymore?"

However, to my surprise, when I was looking for things to go with my new table I kept coming across the label "Mid Century Modern" - so I decided to search it, and SWOON! I am in love! The clean lines, the fun style, the colors AND Micheal agrees. Done.

We're so excited to design our kitchen/dining/living area in this style! So tonight I tried my first attempt at creating a design inspiration board for our dining area. The table and chairs were the best representation of what we have I could find (it's hard to use your own pics) and I do intend to refinish the chairs in orange like the pic.

Mid Century Modern Dining Room

The downside to embracing this style is the price tag - people are VERY proud of the MCM items. Fortunately for us we live in what seems to be the antique furniture capital of the world! So we'll be watching CL and ebay for some of these accents. Right now we're on the lookout for a sideboard/buffet similar to the one pictured here.

So what do you think? What is your design style?

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Leslie said...

Those prints from c&b are a personal fave of mine! Glad you found a style you love!