Monday, May 3, 2010

What We Learned This Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We were working on record highs in DC/Maryland so it definitely warm but I loved every minute of it! I still haven't gotten my dissertation back from my advisor yet (yay!) so I've been making progress on some projects, so updates and pictures should be coming your way this week!

What we learned:

1. Paint stripper is not a safe alternative to eye makeup remover.

2. Using a citrus based stripping agent will either make you crave an orange julius or make you never want to have one ever again.

3. There must be a bird seed beacon in our back yard! It took literally 30-60 seconds after we filled the feeder for them to start swarming. How do they know?!

4. We should mow the hill first then the rest of the yard.

5. Someone is moving in across the street! Yay!

6. It is really hard to put a screw directly into hard wood, I should have pre-drilled first. (Micheal already knew this...I guess I should have listened...)

7. I should really write down things over the weekend because I know I had more than this.


Ashley said...

Sounds like you got a lot accomplished this weekend.

I will totally take some of those hungry birds off your hands. I've had my bird feeder up for a week, and there's hardly been a dent made in the seed. :(

Kari said...

Don't give up hope Ashley :) it took a while for the birds to find ours too. I'm sure they'll be eating you out of house and home in no time!

Mom said...

Oh, you just wait! If I let the feeder get low, they literally hop along the deck rail and look in the windows!