Monday, April 26, 2010

What We Learned this Weekend

Hey everyone!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Micheal and I had a great weekend in Chicago free of responsibility and stress. It was fan-tas-tik.

Welcome to our new readers thanks to The Just Paint It challenge on Decorating Obsessed and The Turquoise Super Post from the amazing Better After Blog. Every Monday I post the different things we "learned" over the weekend - it's generally an attempt at being witty, and is a good way to make sure I stay connected to the blog even if I get really busy or overwhelmed.

So without further ado...What we learned in Chicago!

1. I like falafel!

2. Micheal thinks soy tastes like dirt, but a chocolate soy hot cocoa from Starbucks tastes like chocolately dirt = yum!

3. A lot of people in Chicago smoke... I was going to say "everyone smokes" but would hate to totally over generalize.

4. I can't drink an entire pitcher of margaritas on my own or eat a pancake the size of my head on my own - but I sure made a valiant at both!

5. The world actually didn't end when I didn't check my email for more than 48 hours!

6. Once again my mom was totally right - when she would come home with new clothes she would tell me they just jumped off the rack and grabbed her and she had no choice! My internship suit jumped off the rack at Filene's the first day we were there and I LOVE it!

7. People weren't lying when they said that DC metro was the cleanest mass transit system ever!

8. Evidently the Fiji water in our hotel tasted MUCH better than the Fiji in the 7-Eleven across the street...

(...we stuck with the 7-Eleven thankyouverymuch!)

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