Sunday, November 1, 2009

I've been avoiding F2F...

So I've avoided the blog the end of this weekend and this weekend - why? Because if I were to post the "Goals for the Weekend" I could have just posted a link to last week because they were exactly the same... Trim & Dressers. We seem to be stuck on this and neither of us are sure why. BUT we're SO close!

What we accomplished this weekend:

1. Cut and installed all of the floor trim (quarter-concave) and it looks great!
2. Cleaned and caulked the trim and windows.
3. Put a final coat of stain/poly on my dresser (only need to install pulls now!)
4. Carved our pumpkins

Micheal's is Jack Skeleton from The Nightmare Before Christmas and mine is givin' you the hairy eyeball. ツ

I'm sure there will be many times during this process that it feels like we're running on a treadmill - working hard but not getting anywhere. We just have to keep our spirits up and keep moving!

On a bright note we went to the Arundel Outlet Mall on Friday to get some new clothes to fill up my closet. Since this is a home blog and not a fashion blog I won't bore you buy showing off all my new duds but I will put in a pic of my new shoes - because..well..they're awesome. :)

Today I signed up for NaBloPoMo which is short for "National Blog Posting Month" - if you sign up your need to post 1 blog a day for the entire month of November. It thought this might be a to motivate me to blog even on the "off days" and to think of projects to work on and share. So help me out - what would like to see a post on?


The Shove Household said...

looking forward to "what we learned"... I need to hang curtins in my bedroom, and pick paint colors, I am ready to cover up all the finger prints in the stariwell. Maybe some tips???

Kari said...

Email me pictures of what you are wanting to redo - I'd LOVE to give tips!